The objectives of WPRD are for the charitable purposes of:

(a) benefitting the Community; and

(b) providing relief to those that are disadvantaged in the Community by reason of indigenous or other ethnic background, gender, unemployment or age.

To achieve its objectives, WPRD shall:

(a) provide services, support and facilities for the education of the Community’s underprivileged, youth and aged;

(b) provide services for the relief of the needs of the unemployed, indigenous, multicultural, aged and other minority groups within our Community;

(c) seek funding to improve the social welfare, cultural and environmental capacity of the Community, in particular, through education of the Community;

(d) assist and improve the preservation of natural resources of the Community, particularly the riverine environment of the Lachlan Shire;

(e) assist all charitable appeals that are consistent with the objects of WPRD provided above;

(f) develop, organise, maintain, participate in and support multifaceted projects designed to:

(i) improve lives in the Community; and

(ii) improve the sustainability of the Community; and

(g) maintain and operate a community organisation which is used for workshops, programs, social welfare, art and cultural activities for the benefit of all within the Community;